From Mac to Motorbike – why I sold my Mac for a motorbike helmet

A couple of years ago my life was fairly normal. I had a nice house, a home office and my own business. I also had an iMac which was my pride and joy.

Mac to Motorbike

When I was working from home I spent the hours between coffee shots at my stand-up desk, either admiring the Scottish countryside or admiring my 27″ Thunderbolt Display. It was hooked up to an impressive Terabyte* of storage which was largely unused as I’d already learned about the benefits of  having  all my files stored in the cloud*.

You see, I didn’t always enjoy working from home. Sometimes you would find me hot-desking with the locals at BureauPlus in Aberdeen and sometimes I would be fighting for internet at a nearby coffee shop.

And to do this I needed a baby Mac in additional to my big Mac. Time to embrace laptop life! When travelling or working elsewhere, my MacBook Air was packed in my portable office* and did the job perfectly well.  Using my laptop I could still:

  • do all my accountancy stuff  in Xero
  • write blog posts
  • record, edit (with a lot of effort) and publish videos

True, it was harder doing a lot of the stuff* on a laptop, and it always felt good getting back to my desk and my iMac.

But ….

During 2017 things started to change (as they always do)

  • My accountancy business was sold which gave me the opportunity to do what I love – teaching!! XU Academy was born.
  • My house was sold and we moved to rented accommodation. No more stand-up desk, the big Mac went back in its box and I had to survive with just my laptop, the local library and borrowed wifi.
  • I passed my motorbike test. Not first time round, and not without a change of location, bike and training school. And not without a terrified examiner (but that’s another story for another day)!

And revving into 2018 further changes are planned:

  • More doing what I love – XU Academy is now my sole focus in business
  • More travel – escaping to the sun, buying my first motorbike
  • Less desk-time, more laptop life

And so the decision was made. I would sell my big Mac (it’s on eBay as I write) and hopefully I will make enough to buy myself a motorbike helmet.

Because hey ….

  • Life’s too short
  • Xero let’s me work from a laptop
  • And motorbikes are cool, right?

It’s International Women’s Day 2018 as I write this …

And on this special day I  would love to hear from all you women out there.

  • What are your plans for 2018?
  • Are you going to follow your dreams?
  • Anything going on eBay?

And finally, here’s a special mention to 3 special business women I’m lucky to know:

Flexible working space with great coffee in Aberdeen – Lynne Watson (BureauPlus)
Fellow lover of motorbikes – Vicky Gunn (Millie’s Pet Services)
Fellow hot-desker and good listener – Yva Yorston (Content Boost)

Oh and here’s my definitions:

Terabyte = a whopping one million bytes apparently
Cloud = nothing swirling overhead, just the internet
Portable office = my backpack
Stuff = accountancy work



2 thoughts on “From Mac to Motorbike – why I sold my Mac for a motorbike helmet

  1. Vicky says:

    I’m so so thrilled you gave up the MAC for a motorbike helmet… you are one massive inspiration Marion and someone who I admire and learn from constantly!!
    See you on the road ;0)
    Vicky x

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