New to Xero – Online Training to get you started

I regularly work with Xero users who are new to Xero. You will find me either by recommendation or online. I’m fairly active on social media channels so like to think that I am easy to find. Feel free to get in touch and ask how I can help.

New to Xero

I’m happy to email you, chat with you and send you to the correct section of my website to take a look at what I have to offer. Together, we can decide the best plan of action.

But the more I work with people who are new to Xero, I realise both what is popular and what works really well. In this blog post I want to share the Xero training that we would typically agree to get you started.

If you are …

  • new to Xero
  • going to be using Xero on a regular basis
  • have a small UK based business,

then here’s what I would suggest.

Xero Training – Stage 1

Training Stage 1

At the initial stage we want to get you registered with Xero, your business setup correctly and get you started entering your transactions in Xero.

What I would recommend for this stage depends on the style of training you prefer and to a certain extent your budget.

1) Online Video Courses on Udemy

If you are happy to go down the self-service route then I will get you to look at my online courses on Udemy and choose what you think is best for you to get started. The Udemy courses you can choose from are:

Learn Xero in a Day
Mastering Sales in Xero
Mastering Purchases in Xero

Before deciding, watch the promo videos and read over the course content in Udemy. If you are undecided, then I would suggest my ‘Learn Xero in a Day’ course. It’s my newest course (published in October 2018) but it’s already a best seller on Udemy.

These courses are inexpensive but don’t be fooled by the price tag. It’s a bit like buying a book, it’s then up to you to read it and put it into action what you have learned.  But for a practical exercise like learning Xero I’m sure you will agree with me that learning from watching step-by-step video tutorials is going to be much easier than reading a book.

In some of my videos I chat about what you need to think about or know. But mainly I talk through what you need to do – so they are very practical.

Here’s an example of a video from ‘Learn Xero in a Day’ where I show you how to enter Depreciation in Xero.

Online Video Courses – Price Indicator – £
If you grab a course when it’s on special offer, expect to pay between £20 and £30.

2) Personal Online Training

If you are the type of person who prefers table-service rather than self-service there’s always the option to have 1-2-1 tuition instead. This is done online using Zoom video conferencing software. We will have a set agenda to cover, but there will be flexibility within that. We will arrange a 1 hour starter session, but expect to have a further 2 or 3 sessions depending on what you need to cover. These sessions are clearly more expensive, but if this is your preferred method of training, then great.

It works really well, and here’s what Lyndsay had to say after her session …

“I was initially quite nervous before the call having very little knowledge of Xero. But Marion was incredibly helpful and made everything easy to understand.”

Personal Online Training – Price Indicator – ££
These sessions cost £50 per hour and the minimum booking is for 2 hours.

Xero Training – Stage 2

Xero Training Stage 2

Now that you are up and running on Xero, what next? You want to become confident using Xero but still have access to help when needed. We usually then move to email support. I don’t believe in signing up clients for indefinite email support so we only do this for a month at a time.

I promise to get back to you within 24 hours Monday to Friday, but it’s usually much sooner! Many of the problems you encounter I’ve seen before, and this usually means that I already have resources to help you  deal with them. If I have any videos or help-sheets relevant to your query I will always share them with you.

Email Support – Price Indicator – ££
A full month of email support costs £150.

Xero Training – Stage 3

Xero Training Stage 3

To get the most out of Xero, you really need to continue your learning.  I want you to enjoy your Xero experience and use every function in Xero that will work for your business. At this stage, it might be a good idea to sign up to another one of my Xero courses.  Or take a look at my more specialised courses on Udemy which may be suitable for you, depending on your business.

How to become a successful Xero Bookkeeper
Mastering Xero Projects

Online Video Courses – Price Indicator – £
If you grab a course when it’s on special offer it should cost you between £20 and £30.

Xero Training – Stage 4

Xero Training Stage 4

This is the stage where you want to get help with any specific problems/queries that crop up and you are unsure how to deal with them.

I’m always available for 1-2-1 online coaching to help you with these. In these sessions, I need to stay on my toes as you can quiz me on anything Xero related. I don’t do a lot of this work with clients who have already been trained by me, which I think is a good thing!

Personalised Online Coaching – Price Indicator – £££
An hour session will cost you £65.

Other Xero Services

I’ve also got a Xero Health Check, but this tends to be for new clients who have had no previous dealings with me and are unsure about the state of their Xero account. Hopefully if you get Xero training from the beginning, you will never need this.

Xero Health Check – Price Indicator – £££
A Xero Health Check complete with report costs £175.

So that’s what my online training for users who are new to Xero will typically be like.  I hope this post has given you an idea of how we can work together online to get you started and confident using Xero.

But don’t you do face-to face training?

I do still get asked this and here’s my answer. I used to be based in Aberdeen and ran some face-to-face Xero workshops there. Although I loved them the demand wasn’t that high and it was difficult to arrange venues, catering, travel etc. I realised that it was much more sensible to create online courses that users can take at a time and place to suit them.

However, I know that some Xero users will always want face-to-face training and I understand that. I am still available to do face-to-face Xero workshops occasionally in the UK. The locations I can cover are:

  • Aberdeen
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • London

If I can’t convince you to try online training, and you still want a face-to-face workshop, please get in touch and let me know where and when you would be interested.  If demand is high enough I will be arranging them for sometime in 2019.

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