The new Xero Navigation – “I’m not sure I love you anymore!”

There wasn’t much warning about the new Xero navigation.  I first heard about in early November 2018 and then before the end of the month it was live!!

New Xero Navigation

Initial thoughts on the new Xero Navigation

My initial reaction was pretty severe. I had just launched a 4-hour Xero course, with over 70 tutorial videos all using the old, now defunct navigation.

So I was never going to be a fan right away!! Fast forward a month, the dust has settled and thankfully my course has been updated and is now a best seller on Udemy.

Best seller

So what do I now think of the new Xero Navigation? Has my instant reaction (and I know I’m not alone) of “I’m not sure I love you anymore!” changed?

Well, before answering, let’s take a look at my love affair with Xero which started back in 2012.

What are the stages of love?

You may be wondering what the heck this has got to do with Xero (and indeed the new Xero navigation) but bear with me . Not being the most romantic person, I decided to head to Google to get the answer.  And from my internet search I’ve now settled on there being 4 stages of love:

❤️ Infatuation, excitement, falling in love, can’t get enough of each other.

❤️ Becoming a couple, making the commitment, telling the world!

❤️ Disillusionment – it’s not as exciting as before. Does he/she have my real interests at heart?

❤️ Creating a lasting/understanding relationship.

My love affair with Xero

So how does this tie in with my relationship with Xero and the new Xero navigation?  Well, here’s how my relationship with Xero has changed over the past 6 years.  And it might just be your relationship with Xero as well!

I think I’m in love with Xero

I love Xero

The initial infatuation with Xero is understandable. Especially if you are moving from desktop software, and have never experienced the beauty of bank feeds before!

This is serious – I’m committed to Xero

Committed to Xero

You like what you see, you’ve tried it, tested it and love it. So you commit. Xero is amazing, I’m with it forever and ever!! I know I’ve had other partnerships before (one lasted 15 years) but this is different!!

Xero listens, Xero updates, Xero improves.

What have you done Xero?

Disillusioned with Xero

But then little things start to niggle. Xero doesn’t listen to my specific requests. They don’t make the improvements I think are important any more.

And then they do an unexpected and unwelcome update – the new Xero Navigation.

I can’t believe this, they’ve totally changed the Navigation!!

“What’s this all about Xero?”

“I liked it the way it was before.”

“You know what Xero, I’m not sure I love you anymore!!”

“Maybe we should split up.  Maybe I would be better off elsewhere!”

“That’s it Xero, I’m leaving!”

The new Xero Navigation – reality check!

OK, maybe it’s time to quit the drama and try and work this out?

Yes, it does now take 2 clicks rather than 1 to get to the Files section.

And it’s true that my Favourite Reports list does look big in this!

But for the non-accountants using Xero on a daily basis, life has just got a whole lot easier.  They can find almost everything they need in the Business Menu.

It’s all too easy to get grumpy, go in the huff and maybe think it’s the end of our relationship.

But the reality for me (and hopefully you as well) is that we’re in it for the long haul!

I’m sticking with Xero

Xero forever

Thankfully common sense prevails and we’ve made it to stage 4 in our relationship. We’re in it for the long haul, it might not be all plain sailing but it’s still a pretty good relationship we’ve got.

And you know what, we do make a great team.

We need to remember  that Xero didn’t make the changes to annoy us. They didn’t make the changes without consulting their users. The new Xero navigation was done for the right reasons, to improve our relationship.

We may not like everything about it, and there are alternatives to Xero out there.  But you know what, I’m sticking with Xero and I appreciate what they are doing.

Thank you Xero for your commitment to this relationship, let’s head into 2019 stronger together.

Now over to you ..

Where are you in your relationship with Xero?

Can you relate to my thoughts about the new Xero navigation?  Are you getting used to it and finding your way around?

I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

And finally …

If you feel that you need to strengthen your relationship with Xero, why not improve your Xero skills with some online training? Take a look at what I have to offer here.

And if you’re still not familiar with the new Xero navigation, in this video I explain where lots of the features are now hiding.

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