How to tidy your Xero account – in less than an hour

Tired of turkey?
Bored of brussels sprouts?

If you hate to admit it, but you quickly get fed up of the festivities, I have a plan for you.  Maybe, like me, your idea of heaven is not the Queen’s speech at 3PM on Christmas day.

So, possibly not on the 25th but if you have an hour to spare … here’s what I recommend you do to tidy your Xero account this Christmas.

Xero at Christmas

Did you know that the Queen’s speech began in 1932, was first televised in 1957 and normally lasts around 10 minutes?

I’m looking for more than 10 minutes of your time, maybe an hour will do.  Grab your favourite festive tipple and some left-over chocolates and escape to your laptop.

Login to your Xero account and I guarantee you won’t be able to resist doing your bank reconciliation.  Because it’s addictive, right and you love to be up to date?

Then what to do?  Well my suggestion is that we do a Christmas Clean and get your Xero account sparkling and ready for the New Year.

Here’s my thoughts on how to tidy your Xero account:

Tidy your Xero Chart of Accounts

  1. Delete any accounts you have never used
  2. Archive accounts you no longer need (avoids you using them by mistake)
  3. Rename accounts that are misleading
  4. Add any new accounts that might be helpful for tracking your sales and/or costs

Tidy your Xero Dashboard

  1. Remove bank accounts you don’t use
  2. Add accounts to your Dashboard watchlist

Tidy your Xero Contacts

  1. Archive old Contacts
  2. Merge duplicate Contacts

Pay your Suppliers / chase up your Customers

  1. Run your Aged Payables report. Is there anybody you have forgotten to pay? Clearing your debts will give you a good feeling before the new year.
  2. Run your Aged Receivables report. Has anybody forgotten to pay you? Maybe send some statements (if you’re brave), or take a note to send them later.

And then you can sneak back to the family with an empty glass and a big grin on your face, before anybody has even noticed you’ve gone.

“Anyone for scrabble?”


How often do you tidy your Xero account?

And what are the things you like to do?  Is there anything I have missed?

I would love to hear in the comments below!

P.S. If you’ve only got 15 minutes to spare, why not do a Xero declutter instead?  Download my clickable PDF to find out how easy it is!




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