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Does the idea of working from anywhere appeal to you? Do you have the work from anywhere tools to make this happen? Over the past few years I’ve been working really hard on what I call location proofing my business so that I can work from anywhere.

Now that might mean working from home rather than from under a palm tree, but the idea is to have the choice.  To achieve this flexibility I’ve built up an online toolkit that I rely on regularly.

I’ve recently published a video explaining my 9 favourite work from anywhere tools. Have a watch or a read (see below) and hopefully you will find them helpful.

Here’s the video of my 9 favourite work from anywhere tools …


And here’s the video chat …

You can work from anywhere she said!  And I do say that, it’s one of my opening lines in my new course about “How to become a successful Xero Bookkeeper.

Now when you say work from anywhere, you’ve got the image of under the palm trees, sipping cocktails and occasionally doing some work on your laptop. The reality I would say is a little bit different, but for the last few years I’ve been trying to location proof my business so that I can work from anywhere. I’m going to be tested in the next few months because I’m off
travelling. So I thought in this video I would share with you the online tools that I use that have allowed me to work anywhere. And I’m going to talk about 9 different tools that I’ve used in
my business that allow me to do the travelling that I’m off to do.

1) Xero

Of course I’ve got to say Xero! Now I’m going to say Xero because I’m a Xero trainer and I couldn’t teach you Xero without this software. But I would also include Xero on my list if I was an Excel trainer, because I would use Xero for my own accounts to keep my own finances in order. So it might not be number one on your list, but I would certainly say it needs to be there.

2) Email

Lots of people say email is dead but email is far from dead. It’s still a good means of communicating.  Yes you can talk face to face and yes you can talk to people on the phone, but if your location is in a different time zone email is going to be a much better way of communicating

3) Online Banking

We often forget about online banking and I think that’s because we’ve been using it for so long, we don’t actually remember that online banking is a cloud product. So I use online banking to make payments and to collect receipts. Make it easy for your customers to pay you by online banking, whether it’s standing order,  direct debit, by card or by bank transfer. You don’t want to be using cheques. If you’re on the other side of the world they’re really not going to work! If you’re thirty mile away, they’re probably not very efficient either. So let’s say online banking is definitely on our list.

4) Online Storage

I can’t stress how important this is . You can’t be location independent if you’ve got a file that is somewhere else. So if you start by putting everything in the cloud, then you know wherever you are you’re going to have access to that information. Now it means don’t print nearly as much, it means scan information and get it to the cloud. If you don’t have a scanner you can take photographs, but make sure that all the information you need for running your business is cloud based. It’s not in a file, it’s not a storage cabinet somewhere. I use both Google Drive and
Box. Other people might use Dropbox or they might use iCloud but it means wherever you are you can have access to your documents.

5) Zoom

A lot of people have used Skype in the past and lots of us are familiar with FaceTime, so it’s the
business version of FaceTime if you like and I use it for my client meetings. Wherever I am in the world I can have a client meeting if I’ve got Zoom. It’s also great for my business for training because we can share screens and I can see what my client is doing in Xero by using Zoom. I
definitely could not run my business without Zoom because my training sessions would have to be face-to-face, but they can be online if I use Zoom.

6) Trello

Trello is what I use as my online to-do list ,my project management software. It’s not very refined in the way that I use it, but again it means that everything is online. There’s a little bit of a confession here, because I do actually still use a notebook and I love my coloured pens. But it’s a small notebook, it’s very portable so again that can come with me. But Trello is the product of choice that I use for my project management.

7) HelloSign

HelloSign is what I use if I need a signature. I can get an electronic signature using HelloSign.

8) WordPress

WordPress is what I use to run my website. If I log into my website I can update my services. I have the option for people to book sessions online, I can change my online courses and I can
create regular blogs. I could not run this business without my website. I don’t need a shopfront because my website is my shopfront.

9) Social Media Platforms

Love them or hate them, again I could not run my business without these. My main ones are YouTube and LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to a lesser extent. But I like to concentrate on one or two. You might also use Instagram. You might also use Pinterest, it depends what works for you and your business. But LinkedIn and YouTube for these videos are definitely my favourites.

So there you have it. Using all of these I can be location independent, I can work from anywhere and next week I’m going off to test it.

Over to you …

Are you able to work from anywhere?  If so what are your favourite tools, what would you have on your list?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.



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