Dear Santa: My Xero Christmas List

Dear Santa (Xero) Claus,

My name is Marion (aka Maz) and I’m 52 ¾ years old.

I’ve been really good this year, I’ve kept my Xero account neat and tidy and my bank is (nearly) always reconciled.

Xero Christmas List

I know you are really busy keeping all your millions of Xero users happy, but here are some of the things I would really, really like for Christmas.


On the cash coding screen, it would be great if we could attach backup documents.


When copying a sales invoice, can you remove the one copied from the Reference field?


Employee numbers showing on the Employee listing

Fixed Assets

When a transaction is incorrectly coded to a Fixed Asset code then recoded, it would be brilliant if the transaction was also removed from the draft asset listing.

Chart of Accounts

I would love to be able to see the account descriptions when coding transactions.


I’m hoping that I haven’t asked for anything that is too difficult for you.

Wishing you and Mrs Xero Claus the best Christmas ever!!!

x x

When your elves have the time I would also like …

to have a listing in your Xero directory for Xero trainers, so that my clients can find me much easier!!

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