Your Xero Health Check – here’s a full explanation

Recently I created a video explaining more about my very popular Xero Health Check.

Xero Health Check explained

This video was inspired by Marcus Sheridan who wrote a blog  suggesting that creating videos explaining your services was a really good idea.

Now I must admit, I’ve been more of a reader than a watcher until very recently.  But with my recent foray into the world of motor-biking I’ve realised that I love watching product reviews on YouTube.

Why use video?

In addition, it made sense to create this video because …

  1. The stats say that 80% of online content consumed will be video in less than 4 years time.
  2. I’m finally beginning to feel more comfortable in front of the camera (it’s only taken me 2 years!)
  3. Thanks to Screenflow, a fair bit of determination (and video tutorials!) my editing skills are now at a reasonable standard.  You may think otherwise?

If you’re keen to watch my explainer video, head over to my services page and check it out.

Or maybe you would prefer to read a bit more about the Xero Health Check?  Then this post is for you …

Your Xero Health Check explained


Why a Xero Health Check?

Well, we all go to the doctor or the dentist on a regular basis. We think things are ok but it’s always good to get a second opinion. And our cars/bikes go to the garage annually for their MOT.
And in Xero, it’s kinda the same. You think things are ok, but you wouldn’t mind an experienced Xero user taking a look at what you are doing and letting you know.

Or maybe, it’s a bit different for you. You actually realise that you’re not doing things just right. Because Xero is so user friendly it was easy to dive in and get going with no help or training. And now you are having a wee panic as you realise that you have used a fair bit of guesswork when setting up accounts, coding transactions, dealing with payroll entries, taxes and VAT.

If this sounds like you, then a Xero Health check is definitely a good idea.

Why choose me?

No pretence here, I’m not a big organisation! XU Academy is just me, my Xero skills, my desire to help others and my laptop. In every single role I’ve worked in I’ve always found ways to teach others. Whether it was basic accounting, software or spreadsheets, I would seek out the chance to help others whenever I could. And that desire will never go away.

So I’m keen to help, but what about my skills?

Well, I’m a qualified accountant and although I don’t shout it from the rooftops, it does mean that I know how transaction should be entered in Xero. I’m also a software fan and have used Xero for 6 years.

Confession time: prior to using Xero I had 15 years experience with Sage!

From 2012 until 2017 I had my own accountancy practice – 50 clients all using Xero and the majority of them inputting their own transactions. So not only doI know what can go wrong, to keep my clients happy I had to learn quickly how to fix it.

Who will benefit from a Xero Health Check?

Any Xero user who is unsure about how well they are using the software. If you are new to Xero, I would recommend you wait at least 3 months until you have enough transactions for me to review.

And accountants, you may want this for your clients. A fresh pair of eyes is always a good idea.

Which areas do I cover?

After logging into your Xero account, I do an extensive review covering the following areas:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Expenses
  • Fixed Assets
  • Opening Balances
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Payroll
  • VAT Returns
  • Contacts

What’s not covered in your Xero Health Check

The Xero Health Check is designed as a review of how you are using Xero on a day-to-day basis.  If you are using Xero Projects or Xero Inventory, that’s not part of the review.  I also don’t cover any Xero add-ons that you may be using.

And I always make it clear that when I have access to your Xero account I will only be reviewing, I won’t be changing anything.  Fixing your mistakes is not part of what I do, but I will provide you with guidance on how to go about it .  Occasionally clients will use me to make the corrections, and this is priced in addition to the Health Check.  But for most problems uncovered, it should be easy enough for you to resolve with reference to my Help-sheets and Videos.

What’s the procedure?

Once you let me know that you are interested, here’s what you can expect to happen:

  1. I send you a short questionnaire (Google Form) asking you for some information on your  …
    • Business
    • Xero account
    • Bank accounts
    • VAT registration
    • Payroll
    • Anything else important
  2. You complete the form for me
  3. You are invoiced and payment is due before I report back
  4. I need an invitation to your Xero account as an Adviser
  5. I review your account (promising not to make any changes)
  6. I report back to you with my findings

What’s included in your Xero Health Check Report?

The final step is your Xero Health Check report which I send to you and it will cover the following items:

Quick fix


You can fix this easily and quickly and I will explain how.
An example could be a payment of corporation tax being coded to the profit loss account rather than the balance sheet.



Needs attention


This might take some time and you may need help.
Typical bank account  examples- not reconciled, missing transactions, missing bank statements.
Typical payroll example – not using Xero payroll, and no payroll data entered in Xero.


Good idea
These ideas will not be critical to your business, but recommendations from me.
When it comes to Xero I can be a wee bit opinionated and as I don’t work for Xero I’m allowed to have different thoughts on how things should be done.
Examples could include prepaid items and duplicate contacts.


Like this


If I like something I will let you know!






The final (and most important part) of my report!
Based on my findings I will include links to my videos and help-sheets which you can watch or read to guide you to make improvement, correct mistakes and tidy up your Xero account


How much does your Xero Health Check cost?

Back in 2017 I started offering this service at an introductory price of £175 plus VAT.

Now I know everybody has an opinion on pricing, but for the level of Xero knowledge I have this was going to be a special offer at the beginning only. But I’ve decided to keep this price for the foreseeable future. The reason I’m able to offer the Xero Health Check at this price is because I’ve been busy creating a huge library of resources. So the chances are, if you have a problem I will already have the resources available to help you solve it.

And if you have a problem that is not covered by my current resources, guess what? I will be back in the teaching mode that I love, creating something new. Maybe a YouTube video or a help-sheet, or to cater for watchers and readers it might just be both!

Ready to book?

Then head on over to the contact form and send me a message.

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